Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Off To Germany to Meet The Adhesion Slayer!

After confirmation that Dr. Daniel Kruschinski of Klinik Am Zuckerberg had accepted me as his patient I immediately began the search for affordable plane tickets to Germany. My tickets were purchased six weeks prior to leaving for Germany. I was traveling alone so I asked the airlines in advance for wheelchair assistance, in which they gladly obliged.

I flew to London which was a six hour flight and then had to take another flight from London to Hannover Germany. Once I arrived to the airport in Hannover I was met by the Klinik Am Zuckerberg driver. He was holding a large white card with my name and destination on it. As I walked to the driver introductions were made, he grabbed my luggage and we were off to the awaiting car.

The driver spoke fluent English and excitedly giving me history about the towns we were driving through. The driver had no idea that he was taking my mind off the pain I was having.
We arrived at  Klinik Am Zuckerberg within a half an hour. I was amazed how beautiful this Klinik was, it was not the traditional building but a beautiful mansion with beautiful details inside and out on perfectly manicured property.

As I entered the Klinik I was introduced to the nurse on duty who was awaiting my arrival. He as well spoke fluent English. He took my bags and escorted me to my beautiful room. There the nurse explained the usual how to contact the nurse, how to make outside phone calls and showed me to the ensuite bathroom. Within ten minutes of being at the Klinik I received a call from Dr. Kruschinski. Dr. Krushinski explained that the nurse would be drawing blood and that he would be in to see me the next morning being that it was already late afternoon. He asked me if that was alright or he would come to see me that day. I was so tired and only wanted to take a hot shower have some dinner and go to sleep, I agreed to see him the next day.

I was in Germany and going to meet the Adhesion Slayer !


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