Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Knew There Was Hope For Adhesions

I was getting worse as stated by my gastroenterologist but I knew that for myself. I was having partial intestinal obstructions more frequently & the abdominal pain was unbearable. The pain would be so intense that I would  would be referred to the emergency room for care. In the ER I would always explain my history with adhesions and all the previous surgeries.During an ER visit or admission I would be treated for pain relief with IV morphine, fluids for hydration, blood tests and imaging tests. The imaging results would always come back as possible partial obstruction follow up is suggested. I then would be given the explanation by the hospital physician that the imaging results were normal and that I did not have a surgical abdomen and would be discharged that day. There was never a mention of "adhesions"!

I would leave the hospital feeling the same way I had entered; still in abdominal pain and saddened. I could not believe that at each hospital visit these medical professional could not or would not be honest with me by telling me the adhesions were strangling my intestines causing partial intestinal obstructions. They never offered
me a solution or referral for treatment of the adhesions. I was just dismissed sent off to suffer in silence. I was a liability to the hospital! They just wanted me to go away and never come back!

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am a woman of faith and I knew there was hope out there for me. In my heart and in my mind I knew there was no other choice I needed to go to Germany.

In 2009 I searched the internet and found that there was a Sprayshield Gel made in the USA but because the FDA had not approved it for use in the USA but it was being used for almost a decade in Germany with a 85% success rate.  

I knew I had to get to Germany!


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