Saturday, June 8, 2013

A tribute video to Dr. Daniel Kruschinski aka "The Adhesion Slayer"

Hello everyone, sorry I haven't blogged in a while but I am back now.

I am still on my journey living my new normal with adhesions. Although I am going through new physical trials I still am trying to have a positive outlook on life. God knows there is so much suffering in the world.

I have a video that I want all of you to see. This video is a tribute to Dr. Daniel Kruschinski "The Adhesion Slayer". I hope it will bring hope & inspiration to all of you.

In health,

Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Year

Here it is the second month in the year of 2013 and still I feel the pain from these adhesions.
I still cannot believe how insidious & wretched this disease is. The constant pain & pulling within my abdomen along with the irritation feels like velcro ripping inside my abdomen.

Although I am in pain , I am always  hopeful that one day the medical profession will honestly tell their patients that adhesions are REAL & truly cause tremendous pain & that FDA will approve the adhesion Sprayshield Gel to be used here in the USA.

I understand that this is my new normal & I try within every fiber of my being not to complain because I am still alive but truthfully I am some times saddened that my life has drastically changed in every way.

In Health,

Monday, March 5, 2012

Meeting The Adhesion Slayer

My first meeting with Dr. Daniel Kruschinski (  was a bright, cold early Sunday morning. From the moment he knocked on the door and announced himself I sensed a peace come over me. I was excited and relieved all at the same time. This could be the surgeon who could put an end to the constant pain, pulling and tearing from the adhesions within my abdomen and intestines.

Dr. Kruschinski listened patiently and intensely as I explained my history with a frozen abdomen from the adhesions, surgeries and multiple hospital admissions. I was then examined, blood work was performed and I was given the usual surgical consent forms to read over and sign.

I then had an introduction with the anesthesiologist who explained his role and once again discussing previous surgical history, medications and allergies. It was comforting to know that the presurgical consultations and routines were identical to what is done prior to surgery in the USA.

I knew I was in good hands with "The Adhesion Slayer"!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Off To Germany to Meet The Adhesion Slayer!

After confirmation that Dr. Daniel Kruschinski of Klinik Am Zuckerberg had accepted me as his patient I immediately began the search for affordable plane tickets to Germany. My tickets were purchased six weeks prior to leaving for Germany. I was traveling alone so I asked the airlines in advance for wheelchair assistance, in which they gladly obliged.

I flew to London which was a six hour flight and then had to take another flight from London to Hannover Germany. Once I arrived to the airport in Hannover I was met by the Klinik Am Zuckerberg driver. He was holding a large white card with my name and destination on it. As I walked to the driver introductions were made, he grabbed my luggage and we were off to the awaiting car.

The driver spoke fluent English and excitedly giving me history about the towns we were driving through. The driver had no idea that he was taking my mind off the pain I was having.
We arrived at  Klinik Am Zuckerberg within a half an hour. I was amazed how beautiful this Klinik was, it was not the traditional building but a beautiful mansion with beautiful details inside and out on perfectly manicured property.

As I entered the Klinik I was introduced to the nurse on duty who was awaiting my arrival. He as well spoke fluent English. He took my bags and escorted me to my beautiful room. There the nurse explained the usual how to contact the nurse, how to make outside phone calls and showed me to the ensuite bathroom. Within ten minutes of being at the Klinik I received a call from Dr. Kruschinski. Dr. Krushinski explained that the nurse would be drawing blood and that he would be in to see me the next morning being that it was already late afternoon. He asked me if that was alright or he would come to see me that day. I was so tired and only wanted to take a hot shower have some dinner and go to sleep, I agreed to see him the next day.

I was in Germany and going to meet the Adhesion Slayer !

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Adhesions Contact List

Yes, I had to get to Germany to see Dr. Daniel Kruschinski! I researched how Dr. Kruschinski has an 85% success rate with his gasless surgery to remove adhesions using his own designed specialized instruments & the Abdo-Lift along iwth the Sprayshield Gel adhesion barrier.

I went on Dr. Kruschinski's website where there is a patient contact list. I took full advantage of that list by calling and or emailing at least six people from the list. 

I spoke with previous patients who had surgery with Dr. kruschinski from 2003 to as current as October 2011. Each person I contacted was cordial & freely spoke abot their surgical experience with Dr. Kruschinski & how professional, kind & skillful not only Dr. Kruschinski was but his staff as well.

I also received confirmation through a book written by Karen Steward called "Doctors: Bound By Secrecy? Victims: Bound By Pain!" This book details the many years her daughter Melissa suffered with severe abdominal pain. After many years of being misdiagnosed, Melissa was referred to Dr. Daniel Kruschinski of Germany by an American Physician for treatment of her adhesions.

I could not put this book down because I felt this book was telling my story as well. It was as if the Lord was showing me through this book & speaking with former patients that I must get to Germany!

Because this book not only represented me but I am sure it represents most people who have adhesions I gave the book to my medical physician to read. That is just my way of bringing awareness to adhesions to all those that will listen.

I emailed Dr. Kruschinski & spoke with him over the phone, I explained how I had been diagnosed with a frozen abdomen & that no surgeon from the USA would touch me. Dr. Kruschinski requested some medical documents to review in order to decide if I would be a good candidate for the surgery.

A few days later I received confirmation that I was accepted as a patient. Dr. Kruschinski was not scared of a frozen abdomen & had great success with excising adhesions with extreme adhesions.

I was on my way to Germany! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Knew There Was Hope For Adhesions

I was getting worse as stated by my gastroenterologist but I knew that for myself. I was having partial intestinal obstructions more frequently & the abdominal pain was unbearable. The pain would be so intense that I would  would be referred to the emergency room for care. In the ER I would always explain my history with adhesions and all the previous surgeries.During an ER visit or admission I would be treated for pain relief with IV morphine, fluids for hydration, blood tests and imaging tests. The imaging results would always come back as possible partial obstruction follow up is suggested. I then would be given the explanation by the hospital physician that the imaging results were normal and that I did not have a surgical abdomen and would be discharged that day. There was never a mention of "adhesions"!

I would leave the hospital feeling the same way I had entered; still in abdominal pain and saddened. I could not believe that at each hospital visit these medical professional could not or would not be honest with me by telling me the adhesions were strangling my intestines causing partial intestinal obstructions. They never offered
me a solution or referral for treatment of the adhesions. I was just dismissed sent off to suffer in silence. I was a liability to the hospital! They just wanted me to go away and never come back!

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am a woman of faith and I knew there was hope out there for me. In my heart and in my mind I knew there was no other choice I needed to go to Germany.

In 2009 I searched the internet and found that there was a Sprayshield Gel made in the USA but because the FDA had not approved it for use in the USA but it was being used for almost a decade in Germany with a 85% success rate.  

I knew I had to get to Germany!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So Called Adhesion Expert!

I was on a mission trying to find an American surgeon who would be able to surgically remove the adhesions that had been pulling, tearing & ripping through my body. After spending hours on the internet I finally found a facility within the USA that specializes in treating adhesions.

I remember it was a Sunday afternoon I immediately emailed the surgeon my contact information & to my astonishment he called within minutes of receiving the email. We spoke about half an hour where he explained how he has successfully surgically removed adhesions from more than 200 patients.I then explained that I had been diagnosed with a frozen abdomen & that no surgeon will touch me unless there was an emergent situation.

I am sure this surgeon could hear the urgency in my voice! I then agreed to forward my medical records to him for review, within a couple of days I received notification that this specialist was taking my case.
The process began for me to travel down south to have surgery with him. I was then contacted by his billing department stating I needed to pay a $1200.00 down payment prior to surgery. I explained that my health insurance carrier was participating with this provider as well as the hospital. Still I was told no surgery will be performed until the $1200.00 was received prior to surgery. Still to this day I don't understand what the deposit was for when this specialist is participating with my insurance carrier.

During this time I was out of work on medical disability going through a financial hardship but I used my last bit of savings for travel expenses, hotel stay for two weeks, transportation, meals and prescriptions ordered by this specialist. It was going to well worth it because I was led to believe this adhesion specialist was going to help me!

I arrived at this prestigious adhesion center excited to meet this specialist I had spoken to on the phone.
On my initial visit to his office as he walked in very confident that he would be able to penetrate my frozen abdomen & lysis the adhesions that had rendered debilitating symptoms.

The following morning was the scheduled lysis of adhesions. I was prepped for surgery went under anesthesia   when I woke up from the anesthesia diagnosed by this so called adhesion specialist as having a "frozen abdomen". Initially I thought I was hearing incorrectly, of course I have a frozen abdomen that was not news in fact, that was the reason I was there for surgery. This surgeon had the audacity to tell me that proceeding with the surgery would not be beneficial to me! I still was in shock as this man spoke, in my mind all I could think about was the deceit.

This man just took my $1200 & my insurance company will eventually pay him over $32,000 & all I received in this was the explanation that surgery would not be beneficial to me & that I had a frozen abdomen.
Something just didn't seem right within my spirit. During my followup visit prior to returning back home this so called adhesion specialist reassured me that he had a plan for my care. When I inquired what the plan entailed I was told to lose weight & have physical therapy for manipulation of the adhesions. I was told I would be part of his research study program where I would be followed up every 2 months or so.

Yes, his research team has called me on several occasions but when I would inquire about any current adhesions research I would be told the same thing repeatedly that there was nothing at this time.

There were times when I would have horrible painful flare ups. I would call this so called adhesion specialists office to speak with him but now there were never any call backs just promises that he this surgeon would return my call on the following day. I am still waiting for his call!

Is the reason why I have never received a return call is because this so called adhesion specialist knew he was unable to treat a patient with a frozen abdomen? Was I an easy target because I was desperate for surgical treatment to relieve the pain caused by adhesions?, was it because of the $32,000 that could be billed to my insurance company?

Uhmmmmm, food for thought isn't it! This was one of many scandalous medical professionals I had the misfortune to meet along my adhesions journey.

But there is hope............